Ho Oh Tin

Yo! Late video today, sorry! Had a few things going on and wasn’t able to edit and post for you guys. BUT since you’ve probably already saw all the other videos you needed to all day, it’s my turn, right?

I open this majestic Ho Oh tin and trust me, it’s as good as it gets. You won’t believe what we score and better yet? It goes to the giveaway this month… so… whoa.



The Recent Gamestop Haul


Hey guys!

A few weeks ago, Gamestop had another sale. One where you buy a tote bag for $5 and anything you put in it gets 25% off. And it doesn’t technically have to be inside the bag either, you can have it just touching the bag and it’ll be 25% off. It didn’t include all items, though. Things like games (of course) wouldn’t be discounted like that.

At the same time, they had clearance collectibles for 30% off and it was combine-able with this offer. So in theory, you can get up to 55% off really cool stuff!

I was trying to be smart and target some Pokemons but trading cards aren’t really ever on clearance. I went to 3 Gamestops and the only clearance ones I found were theme decks and one Magic set. I mean, I could’ve bought the theme decks but that’s no fun.

It was a little disappointing that there wasn’t more Pokemon items on sale but I did end up with a few tins and box collections at 25% off so it wasn’t too bad. Check out my video to see the haul.


Let me know what you think!

Why you can’t find Pokemon cards at Toys R Us

Hey guys!

We all know that Toys R Us is going under, liquidating all of their stores, and probably like me, you raced over there to look for all the Pokemons only to find no cards and slightly discounted plushies and toys. And like me, you probably asked “what the…?” After going to like 3 stores to look for them, I figured that I may have just been too late and they were all scooped up. I only blamed myself at that point.

I ended up asking one of the store employees about the cards. They told me that The Pokemon Company (or the manufacturer of the cards) did not want to sell these items at liquidation prices. I pretty much had an episodic ‘AH-HAH!’ moment. Of course they don’t want to sell them that low. We all know how much these cards can be worth and they would lose so much money. The Toys R Us employee told me that a rep from the company came and basically took all of the Pokemon cards off the shelves before the liquidation started.

I can’t help but think of all of the glorious savings I could’ve had on these cards. But alas, I am a mere consumer who never thought of the big, corporate dealings these mega companies have.

Well, at least there was a Gamestop sale (next video plug).

I hope this helps you finally understand that we can’t get discounted cards at Toys R Us. But whatevs, I can live with it because PokeMon is alive and strong!

See you next time!

Today’s Grab Bag Sunday

Week 5 of Hungry Trainers League!

I ninja it out against Burgersaur!

Week 4! Hungry Trainers League!

What’s up guys! I am going up against the Hex Maniacs this week and it’ll be epic! Check out the video below!

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