So much news

Alright guys. Long time, no post. We’re here again! But work’s been offering a lot of OT and I’ve been soaking it all up… frankly, since I started in January, I’ve done nothing but OT… blah, blah, real life stuff!


The last two weeks saw a BUNCH of Pokemon news. I didn’t really cover anything or every watched much of any type of news while working cause I wanted to go over it for a video. And I did. Finally.

I don’t know if I covered it all right or did it right or whatever, but I did it and here it is:

PS. Did not have time to make a thumbnail. Sorry.


Dollar Tree Packs Aren’t Just for Dollar Tree

That’s right. I found the ‘Dollar Tree’ packs we all know and love at a place called Dollar General. It’s not a dollar store, per say, just a place where everything is priced to the dollar and not cents and stuff.

They had a stack of these but I was only able to get 25. No worries though, I will probably raid them again 😀

Another Friyay video?

That’s right. We have it.

I finally am able to finish out the three Eeveelutions by opening up a Leafeon GX tin. From what I recall, the Glaceon GX has been the best one so far. What will this one get us? 🙂

7 11 Hunt

No, it’s not like 7 days a week, or 11 hours a day! I guess I thought that was pretty funny.

We went around to different 7-Eleven stores to try and find some more Detective Pikachu swag. Do you think we scored?

Pokemon Hunting!

I want to give all credit to RealBreakingNate for inspiring this video. He discovered that Dollar General stocked Pokemon tins. So I got it in my head that maybe I should hit up all the dollar-esque stores I could find.

What until you see what happens!

Pokemon Breaks LiVE Review

The mystery of a break is something I do enjoy. We all split the cost of a booster box and get assigned a random card type and if those rare cards are called, you get them. I feel like this is a cool way of getting something solid if you aren’t able to buy countless packs.

Check out the full review video:

Opening all Detective Pikachu Case Files

Have you ever seen anything so wonderful? I am opening all of the currently available case files for the just launched Detective Pikachu (mini?) set. This set has 18 cards so it shouldn’t be hard to collect them all and complete the set. I think I managed to do that with this opening.

Check it out if you have the chance!

Thanks for watching!