… are for grab bags. And I have one for you guys.

I dug from the depths of my neglected Pokemon items and found an EX Figure Cube… I’m not sure if they make them anymore but these are perfect for today’s video. Random cards, promos, a few packs, and best of all, a Pokemon figure. What could be better?

Let’s see what we pull.


Fast Forward Friday Ep 06

Opened up this awesome box and got some awesome things. I came across it on

Check out the video below for all the silliness!



Hungry Trainers League!

I’m part of a league you guys. It’ll be a pack battle league where myself and five other teams will go head to head for about 5 weeks. It’ll be exciting and it’ll all start on the 8th of July so keep it locked!

In the mean time, to see how it’ll work, we all did a preseason type 5-way battle.

Check it out:


And I’m sure you’ll recognize some of those names… but here are some links to some all of my opponents:




Rocket Squad Pokemon

The Hex Maniacs

Zygarde Collection Box pulls

Click on this link to check out the newest video, Fast Forward Friday edition!

I think we’re here to see this guy:


Just look how incredibly sick he is! Omg Zygarde you are a best.

Here’s the promo:


XY152. Very dope.

And I got some pretty cool pulls too:


Thanks for viewing.

See you tomorrow!

Pack battle pulls

Click this link to take a look at the pack battle.

Since we were using different pack battle point system, I can’t be entirely sure that I calculated correctly but meh! It’s about having the fun of it.

I got some really cool cards, though!

Here’s 2 of the rares I got:


And then the Chesnaught BREAK, along with the main prize, Mega Houndoom EX. I was just thinking the other day, I needed him… hahaha. Funny how the world works.


And check out the Zygarde EX promo… is it me, or does it look slightly off-center? That makes it so much more awesome 🙂

Thanks for watching!

Lugia Plasma Tin

Whoops, I’ve been slacking.

Sorry guys.

I recently opened up a Lugia Plasma tin for the channel, so check out this link for the video.

Lugia is one of my faves so when I saw this up for sale at, I had to get my hands on it.

Here’s some pulls:


First we got that dope Lugia EX Promo. And how Team Plasma got their hands on him? I have no idea. But I love the artwork on all Plasma cards. So legit.

Here are the reverse holo pulls:


I just found out that the Team Plasma Grunt card is a little miscut so that’s pretty cool.

And lastly, the rares:


That Genesect, though 🙂

FastForwardFridays Ep 02 and Vlog Ep 02

So I have sort of a double header tonight!

Did a FastForwardFriday video and did a Vlog so since it’s two different things I do for my channel, it’s sort of a 2 in 1… I mean, who doesn’t like that? Ha!

Check it out!