Mega Monday Melee Ep 02

Sorry I failed to post about this as well! I’m way behind!

Anyway, check out this link for an epic pack battle!

So I went up against my buddy THESUPERIORJUNYOR ( Instagram | YouTube ) So check out his stuff!

I took my Kyogre Tin and put it up against his Groudon Tin. So make sure you take a look at both videos to see who won! Which team are you? 😉

But! here are my pulls from the video:


You might be able to calc yourself how many points I got but watching the battle is the exciting part.

Thanks for checking it out!


It’s not technically Saturday anymore

I’m REALLY late with the Mewtwo EX tin opening today and I am forever sorry but totally lots of stuff was going on today so I wasn’t able to record until like 30mins ago. And I edited and I uploaded, yadda, yadda, click on this link for the video.

This tin came with the Mewtwo EX promo, 1 Furious Fists, 1 Primal Clash and 2 Breakpoint.

My mind is like blown. Like 50/50 for different reasons. Like.. why haven’t I bought tins like this before? And whoa, those pulls! I really love how the tin looks and love that I now have another container for my cards. It’s totally legit to have a couple of different storage options now. I’m sure I will fill it up with something… like all those Japanese cards. Boom.

First pull? That Slowking. Second? That full art Aggron EX. Now that is something awesome. He just looks so cuddly, right? Check them out below:


Slowking, though, easily the favorite here. He looks so peaceful and his ability can be good if used right. If you can’t read it, you can basically remove a energy from the Active opponent to his bench with a flip of a coin.

If you haven’t already, follow my instagram because I am starting to deal cards. Hope we can totally strike a deal!

I made an intro video :D

I mean, it’s about time, right? 🙂

Amazing Pulls Today!

Hey all!

Last post I was kind of teasing that I had some awesome pulls from the 2015 Collector’s Chest with the promo Hoopa, Pikachu and Chespin. I want to follow up now that you’ve probably had a chance to view the video just dive into them one by one. I am definitely one happy camper. 🙂

And if you haven’t had a chance to see the pull video, just click on the “YouTube Channel” link above my blog ^

First two pulls, if you saw the video, go hand in hand. I got them from the same booster pack. Is that rare? Does that happen? I am not to certain but damn! I am excited about it. It was the Noivern BREAK card and the Glalie EX card. The art and the colors are just to die for in my opinion. I loved having a chance at getting such amazingness!

Of course, it would not have been possible to also get this PRIMAL GROUDON EX. I feel like every time I talk about him, it has to be in all caps… I mean, this isn’t just Groudon we’re talking about here… and yes, I know that he’s already pretty badass but it’s PRIMAL GROUDON EX we’re talking about here. WE CAN’T TAKE THAT SITTING DOWN!

And don’t point out the fact that I’m sitting down right now! *pouts*

Jeez… I need an announcer dude person to just come belt out his name for me to listen to… I don’t think I could get tired of it at all.



Ahem… I’m sorry. I’m trying to contain myself.

And here are the 3 promo cards you get with this chest. It’s definitely worth it. 🙂


Thank you so much for reading!

Hoopa, Pikachu, Chespin Collector’s Chest!

Hey what’s up blog peoples? OMG what I have in store for you right now! At this very moment, I am uploading the videos of me cracking into this very tin:


And you would not BELIEVE the pulls that I got from it. I really enjoyed what this item had to offer. You can find it at Wal-Mart or Target (at least those or the places I’ve seen it) for $24.99 each. It sounds much for a ‘lunchbox’ but you get SO much. For example: 5 Booster packs or varying sets, pencils, notepad, stickers and promo cards! What more WIN can you ask for? I loved every second of doing this video…I may have gotten way too excited. Is there a such thing?

Anyway! I will post my pulls here some time after my video is done uploading so we can get some more one on one time with them but in the mean time, just look out for it! Oh, and here’s the little goodies aside from the boosters you get in the tin:


Thanks for reading!