6 Pack Power Box

Here’s the latest video! I just realized this is basically 6 boosters I could’ve bought but have an extra card. Totally could’ve came in a smaller box though with that promo not flopping around everywhere. Anywho, totes loved what I got anyway.



Working on some things

Ello friends!

I have been working on a few things recently and I think we are almost ready to unveil and announce them. I don’t know why I say we, cause this is kind of only me… but whatever.

I teased a website way back when where you can go on a purchase cards for sale. I have lots of cards in my collection but I feel like them just sitting there really isn’t helping anyone. And some of these cards are kind of pricey so I figured I can let them go for a lot cheaper than some other sellers or stores out there. I really want to make things fair while maybe making an extra buck or two. I know we all don’t have excess amounts of funds to enjoy our hobbies and that really is something I want to be able to help with.

For example, maybe a card worth $10, I’d sell for like $6 or something like that. Trust me, it’d be plenty cheap. I want to see how this works out for everyone and hopefully we can have our community grow here.

I am also thinking about producing my own subscription box full of Pokemon goodies. Who wouldn’t want that!?

There’s lots of ideas in the works and I am working hard at it with very little actual time to spend on it, ha! So it’s a struggle. I want to be able to get everything running smoothly in time for the holidays.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a sneak peak on what I’m up to.

See you later!

GameStop Haul 3

Went on another shopping trip today to Gamestop… the new legendary pokemon code came out on the 1st so it’s about time I took a trip and grabbed a few. While there, of course, we couldn’t leave without some items.

Hope you enjoy what we got!

Flip it or ship it Week 3

Another week, another Flip it, video! Did I start out this blog post the same way as the other ones? Too lazy to check…meh.

Anyway, we have another great one this week and I hope you enjoy.

Another Friday, another Flip it

I think this one went a little better than last week’s. I feel like I didn’t stumble and fall on my face one throughout the whole video.

Totally congrats to the winner, too! I hope you enjoy this week’s Flip it as I open up an Ancient Origin’s booster pack.

Also, I am planning to upload on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday continuously and then as many as I can in between. Friday will be the flip its and Saturday will be some type of Unboxing and Sunday will be the Grab Bags – or another type of unboxing if I can’t find anything under that definition.


The battle boxes are here!

Omg guys I was able to pick up a few of these.

I am so stoked and totally wish I could’ve done a video for today. I can’t wait to dig into these battle boxes. You get 4 boosters and a 23 card evolution pack. Not sure what that means but I can’t only guess that it’s a bunch of stage 2 Pokemon.

It’s pretty sweet cause it’s a little more stuff than the tins we all love for the same price.

Maybe I’ll get a video up tomorrow.

Flip it… or…?

What’s up, guys!

So there’s been a kind of video I’ve been wanting to try for some time. If you’ve seen them, they’re called “Flip or Rip it” and it sounds just like it is. You pick some cards to keep and then the rest of them get destroyed. I’ve spent much time going back and forth on whether or not I can bring myself to do it… the verdict? I can not. I can’t. I will not. I can’t bring myself to do it because I love Pokemon and I love Pokemon cards and I just can’t seem to justify ripping them up, even for views. I know, crazy right?

Not to worry, though. I’ve found an alternative. Introducing… Flip it or SHIP IT. That’s right. I stumbled onto this variation and found it to be fantastic. Instead of destroying the cards, why not give it to one of you guys?! That’s genius! That way, I’ll still technically “lose” the game but I don’t potentially destroy some awesome stuff.

So this Friday, (tomorrow), I plan to post my first ever video of Flip it or Ship it.

Not sure how I will do it just yet but I’ll make it up as I go.

I hope you come back and visit for that video!

Have a great day!