Zygarde Collection Box pulls

Click on this link to check out the newest video, Fast Forward Friday edition!

I think we’re here to see this guy:


Just look how incredibly sick he is! Omg Zygarde you are a best.

Here’s the promo:


XY152. Very dope.

And I got some pretty cool pulls too:


Thanks for viewing.

See you tomorrow!


FFF Aftermath

Tell me you enjoyed that video! I thought hearing myself like that was hilarious!!! I had so much fun with it. Definitely a lot different than my soothing voice, eh? Anyway, click on this link if you haven’t seen the video yet.

Let’s talk pulls, shall we?

There was much to be had with 3 Fates Collide boosters…however there were some neat things!

Like his Delphox break card. I don’t know why Delphox is so unpopular. I think she’s cool af. She’s almost perf.


And then that cool ass Mega Gengar coin, too!


Loved that they added his tongue sticking out. That totally defines him.

And then the Gastly promo.


He looks so happy but I must say his attack sucks for this card. I mean, he’s like the OG ghost Pokemon… if he’s going to have just one attack, make it like Lick or something. Sigh.

Wouldn’t it be sweet to be like a Pokemon moves creator or something? Yeah, entirely dope.

Happy Saturday!

Today’s unboxing will feature the Mega Mawile EX Premium Collection box. If you remember the craze about it for the first week it was out, Gamestop had a misprint in their ad for half price so I totally got 2 of them! You saw the first one when I used it as a pack battle and now you will see the second one today!

Obviously a stock pic, but…


Anticipating video will be live around 2pm AZ time!

Pray for pulls!

Another code

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It’s not technically Saturday anymore

I’m REALLY late with the Mewtwo EX tin opening today and I am forever sorry but totally lots of stuff was going on today so I wasn’t able to record until like 30mins ago. And I edited and I uploaded, yadda, yadda, click on this link for the video.

This tin came with the Mewtwo EX promo, 1 Furious Fists, 1 Primal Clash and 2 Breakpoint.

My mind is like blown. Like 50/50 for different reasons. Like.. why haven’t I bought tins like this before? And whoa, those pulls! I really love how the tin looks and love that I now have another container for my cards. It’s totally legit to have a couple of different storage options now. I’m sure I will fill it up with something… like all those Japanese cards. Boom.

First pull? That Slowking. Second? That full art Aggron EX. Now that is something awesome. He just looks so cuddly, right? Check them out below:


Slowking, though, easily the favorite here. He looks so peaceful and his ability can be good if used right. If you can’t read it, you can basically remove a energy from the Active opponent to his bench with a flip of a coin.

If you haven’t already, follow my instagram because I am starting to deal cards. Hope we can totally strike a deal!

Huge Lot Mini Series Ep 4

Heads up! Episode 4 is coming your way in about an hour! Hope we get some awesome pulls out of this one here.

I’m very excited because we got some really awesome stuff from the last episode and I am hoping to continue that trend.

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