Hungry Trainers League Week 2

It’s me against Rocket Squad Pokemon… let’s find out who does better?!


Fast Forward Fridays Epi 07: Xerneas Collection Box!

What’s up. all?!

Today for the 7th episode of my “Fast Forward Fridays” series, I opened up the Xerneas Collection box I’ve been holding. Last week, you saw me open the Yveltal one. You can watch it again by clicking here.

I bought the box off of and I believe it was 17.99. It came with the figure, 3 XY Base boosters, 1 BW Legendary Treasures booster and a Xerneas promo. It was a great deal.

All my pulls were great from this video and the figure had more detail than I expected. It was clearly a great lookin’ dude. I didn’t think they’d have all of Xerneas’s colors like that. I guess I shouldn’t set my standards so low when it comes to Pokemon, ha!


Check out these pulls and check out the video below.




XY code feat. Primal Clash

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Good luck!

Enjoy your code! And let us know what you get!


It’s not technically Saturday anymore

I’m REALLY late with the Mewtwo EX tin opening today and I am forever sorry but totally lots of stuff was going on today so I wasn’t able to record until like 30mins ago. And I edited and I uploaded, yadda, yadda, click on this link for the video.

This tin came with the Mewtwo EX promo, 1 Furious Fists, 1 Primal Clash and 2 Breakpoint.

My mind is like blown. Like 50/50 for different reasons. Like.. why haven’t I bought tins like this before? And whoa, those pulls! I really love how the tin looks and love that I now have another container for my cards. It’s totally legit to have a couple of different storage options now. I’m sure I will fill it up with something… like all those Japanese cards. Boom.

First pull? That Slowking. Second? That full art Aggron EX. Now that is something awesome. He just looks so cuddly, right? Check them out below:


Slowking, though, easily the favorite here. He looks so peaceful and his ability can be good if used right. If you can’t read it, you can basically remove a energy from the Active opponent to his bench with a flip of a coin.

If you haven’t already, follow my instagram because I am starting to deal cards. Hope we can totally strike a deal!

Cool blister pulls!

Check out the video from the Umbreon promo blister here.

A lot of people might call those boosters I got “duds” because I didn’t get any like super rares or holos but I enjoyed those pulls. There were definitely cards I’ve never had before so in my quest to fill up some pages in my collection, there were definitely some great things that happened with this blister.

Here’s a recap:


First, we have the 3 reverse holos and 3 non-holo rares I pulled. The rare cards I have not picked up before so I’m glad those came my way. And then I got a really shiny looking Blitzle too, being all cute and chillin’.

And here’s the Umbreon promo close up:


It’s just so pretty. Mr XY96 is a good-lookin card. Can we play promo cards in the actual TCG?

Thanks for reading!

And get ready for the second video of the day!

Umbreon Promo Blister Pack

Hey all!

Saw this blister at Barnes n Noble when I was trying to get my hands on some early Fates Collide…but that didn’t work out. So what I ended up getting was this blister pack I found there. Comes with a Pikachu coin, 3 Breakpoint boosters, and a Umbreon promo card, which I thought looked pretty badass so I’m hoping it’ll come with some goodies.

Video will be available in able 30 mins or so!


Fates Collide Pulls

Did you see that shit? The FIRST ever Fates Collide booster… I mean, for me at least. Jesus I was so excited if you couldn’t tell. Check out this link for the video if you haven’t seen it.

Yeah, I know it’s 20+ mins and I’m sorry. But there was a lot of stuff in the box that I had to go through so it was kind of worth it. The only annoying thing was that I was saying how much I wanted to make it fast lol. That didn’t happen.

But those pulls though…

I love this collection. It was a great idea. IDK why I didn’t buy an elite box before. The other one out was the gyarados one…I’ll probably end up doing that one another day.

Here’s the pulls… all the rares first:


Freakin’ Genesect EX full art for my first pack ever. That’s so sweet man. Ugh. Also that Lucario, Delphox, Lugia BREAK… so many awesome pulls from these packs. Might put that reverse-holo of Marowak up for grabs as well. Anyone want to trade? Lol.

Here’s a close up of some of my favorite pulls…


I wonder if they’ll ever make a Psychic Delphox. I think it’d be pretty bad ass, actually. She can get some of her Psychic moves.

I hope I’ll be able to get some more Fates Collide soon. This collection is so awesome so far.

Thanks for reading!