April Results are LIVE!

This is it my friends, what you’ve been waiting for! The April Skylanders giveaway has just completed and we are our results! Who do you think won?

Check it out.


Stay tuned for May’s teaser. 🙂


One week left!

That’s right, ya’ll! There’s only one week left. For what? Well… to enter our April #giveaway! See video below.

This month’s theme is Skylanders so we are giving away a ton of Skylanders items / collectibles. Please remember that this is a U.S. only giveaway and subscribe as we are going this every single month with something new


Thank you!

Skylanders #Giveaway

That’s right! If you’ve been following my channel for the last few months, I’ve expanded from Pokemon to toys and other types of games with my son. For April, we’re giving away a massive haul of Skylanders goodies!

Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe!

My friends…I’m back(and hopefully I stay that way)

Hi all.

This is crazy. I really am not trying to be like those guys that 90% of my content is just the fact that I’m back at it again… No idea why I can’t keep up with his at all. I promise to keep try. A blog post a day! Well, maybe not that much but I will try to update regularly. My YT has lots of content again as I have been regularly updating on it so go check it out and give it a looksie!

Maybe I’ll change the skins around on this blog to give it a whole new look!

Catch you on the channel!